Dell OptiPlex 9020M

Dell OptiPlex 9020M

戴尔DELL 2021-02-03

Hackintosh for DELL OptiPlex 9020

Dell OptiPlex 9020M


  • Fix hibernation issues
  • Smooth upgrade for macOS 10.15


Copy files in EFI directory to your EFI partition.

NOTE THAT you should re-generate smbios information.

Fix BIOS issues

General method (Windows recommanded)

  • Download BIOS Tools.
  • Fetch the address of block location.
    1. Use BIOS_Backup_TooKit.exe to fetch BIOS rom.
    2. Use UEFITool to open BIOS rom.
    3. Search keywords (cfg lock, DVMT), then Extract body.

    Dell OptiPlex 9020M

    Dell OptiPlex 9020M

    1. The output file is like Section_PE32_image_Setup_Setup_body.efi, use IFR-Extractor and command ./ifrextract Section_PE32_image_Setup_Setup_body.efi Section_PE32_image_Setup_Setup_body.txt to convert it into text file.
    2. Open Section_PE32_image_Setup_Setup_body.txt and search keywords (cfg lock, DVMT) to find the closest addres behind it.

    Dell OptiPlex 9020M

    1. Enter GRUB Shell (use bootx64.efi in to boot)
    2. Check address value by typing setup_var [ADDR]
    3. Typing setup_var [cfg lock address here] 0x00 to disable cfg lock.
    4. Typing setup_var [DVMT address here] 0x03 to increase DVMT to 96M.

Easy for DELL OptiPlex 9020

Since I’ve already finished these steps above, just type the following command.

  • Disable MSR 0xE2 (i.e. cfg lock) setup_var 0xDA2 0x00
  • Increase DVMT to 96M setup_var 0x263 0x03
  • You can check the value by typing setup_var [ADDR]