Dell OptiPlex 7060

Dell OptiPlex 7060

戴尔DELL 2021-02-03

OptiPlex – 7060 & 7070 – Catalina

Tested on:

  • OptiPlex 7060
  • OptiPlex 7070

You need to run

setup_var 0x8dc 0x2

in Grub to update DVMT settings first and after everytime you reset your bios.


CFG Lock

setup_var 0x5BE 0x0

This command works FOR 7060 and 7070 ONLY!


如果运行后无效,建议通过Dell PFS Extract工具提取一下BIOS(用EXE升级程序包),再用UEFI Tool找到包含DVMT字段PE32镜像,导出并使用Universal IFR extractor解码出txt自行就能看到地址。

You could use Dell PFS Extract to dump your bios from exe updater, then run UEFI Tool in order to find the PE32 image contains DVMT in BIOS.bin so you could use Universal IFR extractor to extract the body of the setup information.

Use this on other model may damage your computer!


Replace intel ac9560 to DW1560/1830 if you need to use wireless function. Or you can just disable it in BIOS settings.

如需使用无线,需要把内置intel AC9560网卡换成DW1560或DW1830.鉴于这两张卡现在非常贵,如果你不用无线,在BIOS里面关闭无线功能就行。



NEVER enable FileVault on a hackintosh.

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Dell OptiPlex 7060 MFF