OpenCore 0.6.8 正式版黑苹果OC引导器

OpenCore 0.6.8 正式版黑苹果OC引导器

引导 2021-04-06


  • Apple磁盘映像加载支持
  • 苹果键盘输入汇总
  • Apple PE图像签名验证
  • Apple UEFI安全启动补充代码
  • 带有屏幕阅读支持的音频管理
  • 基本的ACPI和SMBIOS操作
  • 通过计时器支持收集CPU信息
  • 加密原语(SHA-256,RSA等)
  • 解压缩原语(zlib,lzss,lzvn等)
  • ACPI的辅助代码读取和修改
  • 文件,字符串,UEFI变量的高级抽象
  • 溢出检查算法
  • 没有UEFI安全启动冲突的PE映像加载
  • Plist配置格式解析
  • PNG图像处理
  • 文本输出和图形输出实现
  • XNU内核驱动程序注入和补丁引擎


  • Switched to VS2019 toolchain for Windows builds
  • Reduced legacy boot install interaction effort
  • Increased OpenCanopy rendering performance
  • Added OpenCanopy Shut Down and Restart buttons
  • Reduced OpenCanopy mouse pointer input lag
  • Fixed that cursor bounds could be different from OpenCanopy’s
  • Improved builtin picker rendering performance
  • Added Memory Type decoding for SMBIOS in Automatic mode
  • Properly support setting custom entries as default boot options
  • Fixed creating log file when root file system is not writable
  • Fixed DisableSingleUser not being enabled in certain cases
  • Added ForceBooterSignature quirk for Mac EFI firmware
  • Fixed OpenCanopy sometimes cutting off shown boot entries
  • Further improved CPU frequency calculation on legacy CPUs
  • Fixed SMBIOS SMC version encoding sequence
  • Added TSC frequency reading from Apple Platform Info
  • Added TSC frequency reading for Apple devices with nForce chipsets
  • Added Base and BaseSkip lookup for ACPI patches
  • Fixed ACPI table magic corruption during patching
  • Fixed unnatural OpenCanopy and FileVault 2 cursor movement
  • Fixed OpenCanopy interrupt handling causing missed events and lag
  • Improved OpenCanopy double-click detection
  • Reduced OpenCanopy touch input lag and improved usability
  • Improved keypress responsiveness in OpenCanopy and builtin pickers
  • Improved non-repeating key detection in OpenCanopy and builtin pickers
  • Fixed Escape preventing OpenCanopy fade up until released, on some systems
  • Fixed fast repeat then stall issue with key handling on some PS/2 systems
  • Added accurate Shift+Enter/Shift+Index detection when using PollAppleHotKeys
  • Added ‘set default’ indicator to builtin picker
  • Replaced VerifyMsrE2 with ControlMsrE2 also allowing unlock on some firmwares
  • Fixed OpenCanopy flicker when refreshing the entry view
  • Added OpenCanopy TAB navigation support
  • Added OpenCanopy graphical password interface
  • Added OpenCanopy pulsing animation to signal timeout
  • Added OpenCanopy ‘set default’ indicator
  • Fixed OpenCanopy not aborting timeout on pointer click
  • Fixed OpenCanopy intro animation not scaling with UIScale
  • Add OpenCanopy boot entry label scrolling (fixes missing long labels)
  • Added tabbable Shutdown and Restart buttons to builtin picker
  • Fixed in-firmware shutdown for some systems running OpenDuet
  • Added Zero as alias hotkey for Escape, to force show picker if hidden
  • Added =/+ key as alias for CTRL to set default OS
  • Added additional support for configuring correct key repeat behaviour with KeySupport mode
  • Fixed CPU multiplier detection on pre-Nehalem Intel CPUs
  • Fixed incorrect handling of multiple processors and processor cache in SMBIOS
  • Matched default Apple boot picker cursor start position
  • Updated OpenShell devices command to support misaligned device names returned by some Apple firmware
  • Added (dmg) suffix to DMG boot options in OpenCanopy
  • Added identifiers for Rocket Lake and Tiger Lake CPUs
  • Added PickerAudioAssist ‘disk image’ indication
  • Fixed PickerAudioAssist indications played twice in rare cases
  • Improved OpenCanopy pointer acceleration
  • Added more precise control on AppleEvent protocol properties and features
  • Added dynamic keyboard protocol installation on CrScreenshotDxe
  • Support starting UEFI tools with argument support (e.g. ControlMsrE2) without arguments from picker
  • Fixed OpenCanopy font height calculation, may reject previously working fonts and mitigate memory corruption
  • Fixed incorrect identification of Xeon E5XXX/E5-XXXX and Xeon WXXXX/W-XXXX CPUs
  • Added RSDP, RSDT, and XSDT handling to NormalizeHeaders ACPI quirk