OpenCore 0.6.9 正式版黑苹果OC引导器

OpenCore 0.6.9 正式版黑苹果OC引导器

引导 2021-05-06




  • Apple磁盘映像加载支持
  • 苹果键盘输入汇总
  • Apple PE图像签名验证
  • Apple UEFI安全启动补充代码
  • 带有屏幕阅读支持的音频管理
  • 基本的ACPI和SMBIOS操作
  • 通过计时器支持收集CPU信息
  • 加密原语(SHA-256,RSA等)
  • 解压缩原语(zlib,lzss,lzvn等)
  • ACPI的辅助代码读取和修改
  • 文件,字符串,UEFI变量的高级抽象
  • 溢出检查算法
  • 没有UEFI安全启动冲突的PE映像加载
  • Plist配置格式解析
  • PNG图像处理
  • 文本输出和图形输出实现
  • XNU内核驱动程序注入和补丁引擎


  • Fixed out-of-sync cursor movement rectangle when loading e.g. CrScreenshotDxe
  • Updated underlying EDK II package to edk2-stable202102
  • Applied consistent enforcement of required minimum Apple OEM Apple Event protocol version
  • Changed CustomDelays to less surprising boolean setting with failsafe of false
  • Changed key repeat failsafes and sample values to Apple OEM values
  • Changed PointerSpeedMul failsafe to Apple OEM value
  • Updated docs to include configuration of key repeat settings with and without KeySupport
  • Prevented ‘set default’ UI when action not permitted by security config
  • Added ForgeUefiSupport quirk to workaround legacy EFI 1.x firmwares compatibility
  • Added ReloadOptionRoms quirk to force-load Option ROMs on PCI devices
  • Added OC_ATTR_USE_MINIMAL_UI to allow running pickers with no Shutdown and Restart buttons
  • Added display of OpenCore version number to OpenCanopy as well as builtin picker, depending on existing ExposeSensitiveData bit
  • Added support for case-insensitive argument handling in the UEFI tools
  • Added vector acceleration of SHA-512 and SHA-384 hashing algorithms, thx @MikhailKrichanov
  • Fixed wraparound when using arrow keys in OpenCanopy
  • Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS and the rest
  • Added bundled Linux versions for userspace utilities
  • Fixed fallback SMBIOS Manufacturer value to NO DIMM for empty slots
  • Fixed assertions when running OpenCanopy with low resolution, will fallbacks to builtin now
主要特征: Apple磁盘映像加载支持