Gigabyte Z390 DESIGNARE

Gigabyte Z390 DESIGNARE

技嘉GIGABYT 2021-02-03


Joost’s EFI for Hackintosh on Z390 Designare, i7, RX 570, 32GB RAM and Fenvi T919

Gigabyte Z390 DESIGNARE Gigabyte Z390 DESIGNARE

PC specifications:

  • OS’s installed: Big Sur dualbooted with Windows 10 Pro
  • PC Case: Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C TG
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 9700K, 9th Gen (Code name: Coffee Lake)
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte Z390 Designare
  • Sound card (onboard): ALC 1220-VB audio controller
  • SSD storage: Crucial Crucial MX500, 1TB
  • Graphic card: Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 570 4GD5
  • Fenvi T919 for WiFi/Bluetooth, AirDrop, Apple Watch Unlock, etc.
  • Power Supply: Be quiet! Dark Power PRO 11 850W
  • Memory (RAM): Corsair Vengeance LPX (2x 16GB, total 32GB)
  • Cooling system: Cooler Master ML360R RGB
  • Stably overclocked the CPU to 5GHz, 1.370 Volt. According:
    • Temperature IDLE (Still doing basic things ie. Music on, using Safari etc.): 30 degrees Celcius
    • Stress tested: 50-60 degrees Celcius:

Gigabyte Z390 DESIGNARE



Make sure (!) you are using the latest kexts:

For convenvience purposes, use either OpenCore Configurator or Hackintool to mount EFI and update the Kexts.

BIOS Settings (from

Work Procedure:

Serial number:

You need to make your own serial number, so that your iCloud etc. will work without using someone else his serial number.

Updating Hackintosh

  • In general; watch others do first to see if they succeed:
  • Make sure first to install the latest Kext files
  • Install latest OpenCore; but first make sure that this works according other users. Latest OpenCore build:

EFI ZIP file:

Download here. The EFI is without my serial number:

Resources Onboard WiFi+Bluetooth Kext (BETA):

BIG SUR on OpenCore

Big Sur with OpenCore is working very well. A small how-to here:


Latest Changes in uploaded Big Sur EFI (without a Serial Number):

(Item 0 is the oldest)

  1. Installed my system succesfully using OpenCore v0.6.0
  2. Tweaked it
  3. Updated to Beta 3 2b. 30-7-2020 15h42 OC060 BigSurB3
  4. Updated OpenCore from scratch to OpenCore v0.6.0 commitment 0e81540 via: 3a. 2-8-2020 11h09 OC060 new BigSurB3
  5. Updated to Beta 4
  6. Updated to Public Beta (which I guess is the same as b4).
  7. 13-Oct-2020: Updated to latest Public Beta (20A5384c) and latest final OpenCore Build (v0.6.2). This is now my main system due to its stability 🙂
  8. 2-Nov-2020: Updated to latest Public Beta (20B5012d), 11.0.1. and OpenCore to v0.6.3.
  9. 19-Dec-2020: Updated OpenCore to v0.6.4.
  10. 25-Dec-2020: Update to MacOS 11.1 (20C69)
  11. 12-Jan-2021: Updated OpenCore to v0.6.5.

Download my latest Big Sur EFI here:

The following is working on macOS Big Sur so far: CPU, RAM, Fans, Cooling etc. ✔ Audio ✔ Ethernet ✔ Graphics ✔ HDMI ✔ Sleep/wake Function ✔ Power Management ✔ App Store ✔ iMessage ✔ iCloud ✔ FaceTime ✔ USB with 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 and USB Type-C Ports ✔ Bootloader ✔ HDMI Audio ✔ Volume Hotkeys ✔ WiFi (Fenvi) ✔ Bluetooth (Fenvi) ✔ AirDrop (Fenvi) ✔ HandOff ✔ Side Car ✔ As you can see here using my regular display and iPad Pro:

Gigabyte Z390 DESIGNARE

Update your OpenCore EFI

Overclocking Designare i7-9700K 5Ghz

Some basic settings, but you can still look at the attached BIOS screenshots for further details:

  • CPU Base Clock: 100Mhz
  • Extreme Memory Profile (XMP): Profile 1
  • CPU Vcore: 1.370V (instead of standard 1.200V). This is pretty high and cause degration of your CPU, just be aware…
  • Active Turbo Ratios: Enabled, and set every core on 50 (50 times 100Mhz CPU Base Clock = 5000Mhz).
  • C-States Control: Enable (disable all options there)

Gigabyte Z390 DESIGNARE

BIOS Overclock Settings (BIOS Screenshots)

Gigabyte B150M-VP i5-6600K RX 580
Gigabyte B360M D3H i7-8700 RX 570
Gigabyte B360M AORUS PRO  i5-8400 RX 470