Dell OptiPlex 7040

Dell OptiPlex 7040

戴尔DELL 2021-02-03

OptiPlex 7040 Clover

Clover for OptiPlex 7040 with Skylake CPU & GPU

Only fix the Graphics by modify UEFI variables, Ethernet, USB, and sound card with AppleALC, but, is enough! Less is more.

Test with OptiPlex 7040 which using i7-6700, Intel HD Graphics 530, Intel I219LM2 Ethernet, macOS 10.14.5

UEFI Variables

In order to run macOS successfully a number of EFI BIOS variables need to be modified. The included Clover bootloader contains an updated DVMT.efi, which includes a setup_var command to help do just that.

DVMT.efi can be launched from Clover directly by renaming it to Shell64U.efi in the tools folder.

The following variables need to be updated:

Variable Offset Default value Desired value Comment
CFG Lock 0xAF 0x01 (Enabled) 0x00 (Disabled) Disable CFG Lock to prevent MSR 0x02 errors on boot
DVMT Pre-allocation 0x350 0x01 (32M) 0x04 (128M) Increase DVMT pre-allocated size to 128M for 2K+ displays

Modify DVMT variable step

  1. Start up and enter Clover boot menu, select Start UEFI shell 64 and enter.

    I has replace Shell64U.efi with DVMT.efi, so you are running DVMT.efi in fact.

  2. just run setup_var 0x350 0x4 using this cmd line 中文教程
  3. fine, the graphics is ok to boot up macOS
  4. Note: the UEFI Variables will lose after set BOIS to factory default!


  1. SIP enable default ?

    Yes. It way enabled by “config.plist/RtVariables/CsrActiveConfig=0x11”.

  2. What should we do before install macOS system upgrade ? eg.upgrade from 10.14.4 to 10.14.5

    Maybe you need to disable SIP before doing upgrade: Set “config.plist/RtVariables/CsrActiveConfig=0x67”.


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