Dell OptiPlex 7060 MFF

Dell OptiPlex 7060 MFF

戴尔DELL 2021-02-03


Bootloader tested on Big Sur 11.0.1


This is the Hackintosh EFI Folder for Dell OptiPlex 7060 Micro Form Factor. The configuration settings support MacOS Big Sur.

ALC255 Audio didn’t work with default OC configuration caused by IRQ conflicts, has been patched with SSDTTime .

You will have to generate a new SMIBIOS before login to your iCloud account.

Hardware Specs


  • CPU Turbo Boost & Thermal Throttling
  • iGPU acceleration
  • ALC255 Audio
  • All USB Ports
  • LAN & Wireless Network
  • Airdrop & Airplay
  • Partly Sleep & Wakeup

Not working

  • Audio via HDMI/DP (Disabled because of the conflict with AppleALC.)

BIOS Settings

  • General → Advanced Boot Options: uncheck
  • System Configuration → SATA Operation: AHCI
  • Secure Boot → Secure Boot Enable: Disabled
  • Intel® Software Guard Extensions™ → Intel® SGX™ Enable: Disabled
  • Power Management → Block Sleep: check
  • Virtualization Support → VT for Direct I/O: uncheck

BIOS Settings via GRUB

  • Set Pre-Allocated DVMT to 64M: setup_var 0x8DC 0x02
  • Disable CFG lock: setup_var 0x5BE 0x00
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