Asus ZenBook  UX310/UX330/UX410/UX430

Asus ZenBook UX310/UX330/UX410/UX430

华硕ASUS 2021-02-15

Asus Zenbook Hackintosh

Asus ZenBook  UX310/UX330/UX410/UX430 Asus ZenBook  UX310/UX330/UX410/UX430

Run macOS on Asus Zenbook with OpenCore

Supported models

  • UX310 (Kaby Lake)
  • UX330 (Kaby Lake)
  • UX330 (Kaby Lake-R)
  • UX410 (Kaby Lake)
  • UX430 (Kaby Lake)
  • UX430 (Kaby Lake-R)

I can not test support for all models as I only have UX410 (Kaby Lake). Please open issues (and possibly pull requests!) if it does not work for you.

What’s working

  • Trackpad sometimes stops working for a few minutes.
  • Intel Wifi card needs to be replaced. I suggest this one.
  • Audio doesn’t work perfectly on some models.
  • Everything else works well.


See docs folder.


@acidanthera for their awesome drivers and OpenCore

@alexandred and his team for VoodooI2C

@RehabMan for his guides on Tonymacx86

See References for full list.

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