ASROCK X570 Taichi ryzen7 3700x Radeon VII

ASROCK X570 Taichi ryzen7 3700x Radeon VII

华擎ASRock 2021-02-02

OpenCore ASROCK-X570-Taichi—Radeon-VII

opencore efi for asrock x570 taichi hackintosh

you need to add your own platform data.the product is iMacPro1,1

base on opencore 0.6.5 release

support MacOS 10.15.7 and 11.1

  • asrock x570 taichi
  • amd ryzen7 3700x
  • ddr4 32G x 4
  • amd radeon vii (HIS with Sapphire bios)
  • sata 1t ssd + asgard 2t nvme ssd
  • bcm943602cdp wifi & bt

  • sleep not work
  • bluetooth can not reopen when manual off
  • virtual machines not work

bios only to do is close csm

do not enable above 4g decoding

bios version <= 3.0

first,clean nvram by opencore.

now do not set csr-active-config.please delete it,and then boot into recovery.

for 10.15, use csrutil disable to close sip;

for big sur,also need csrutil authenticated-root disable .

after that ,reboot into recovery and execute mount -uw /Volumes/BigSur\ Volume to make big sur system partition writeable.

use diskutil list to find which disk is big sur(not big sur data),it look like

APFS Volume ⁨macOS Big Sur⁩ 15.5 GB disk4s5

remember disk4s5

follow this command step:

diskutil apfs listSnapshots disk4s5

diskutil apfs deletesnapshop disk4s5 -name snapshotname

you may need many times of diskutil apfs deletesnapshop disk4s5 -name snapshotname util there is no snapshot

when all snapshot delete,you can restart.


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