OpenCore 0.7.7 正式版黑苹果OC引导器

OpenCore 0.7.7 正式版黑苹果OC引导器

引导 2022-03-08

官方正式版最新黑苹果引导器OpenCore,简称OC,目前可以正常引导各种黑苹果。 注意:目前不要通过OC引导你的windows10,会出现很多问题。 主要特征:

  • Apple磁盘映像加载支持
  • 苹果键盘输入汇总
  • Apple PE图像签名验证
  • Apple UEFI安全启动补充代码
  • 带有屏幕阅读支持的音频管理
  • 基本的ACPI和SMBIOS操作
  • 通过计时器支持收集CPU信息
  • 加密原语(SHA-256,RSA等)
  • 解压缩原语(zlib,lzss,lzvn等)
  • ACPI的辅助代码读取和修改
  • 文件,字符串,UEFI变量的高级抽象
  • 溢出检查算法
  • 没有UEFI安全启动冲突的PE映像加载
  • Plist配置格式解析
  • PNG图像处理
  • 文本输出和图形输出实现
  • XNU内核驱动程序注入和补丁引擎


  • Fixed rare crash caused by register corruption in the entry point
  • Added ProvideCurrentCpuInfo support for Intel Alder Lake
  • Fixed typo in Cpuid1Data recommendations for Intel Rocket Lake and newer
  • Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS and the rest
  • Updated underlying EDK II package to edk2-stable202111
  • Resolved crashes in QEMU with AudioDxe
  • Added AudioDxe settings caching (avoids non-needed setup delays)
  • Added DisconnectHda quirk to allow UEFI sound on Apple hardware and others
  • Added workarounds for bugs in QEMU intel-hda driver to allow UEFI sound in QEMU
  • Implemented multi-channel (e.g. bass+main speaker; speakers+headphones) UEFI sound with AudioOutMask
  • Fixed AudioDxe startup stalls when Nvidia HDA audio is present
  • Resolved AudioDxe disabling sound in Windows on some firmware
  • Added pointer polling period tuning in the builtin AppleEvent implementation
  • Added pointer device list tuning in the builtin AppleEvent implementation
  • Added VREF handling to support UEFI sound on more Apple hardware
  • Updated audio output channel detection to support UEFI sound on more Apple hardware
  • Added manual GPIO config (use --gpio-setup AudioDxe driver argument for UEFI sound on Apple hardware)
  • Switched UEFI audio levels to decibel gain to allow accurate matching of saved macOS volume levels
  • Separated settings for minimum audio assist volume and minimum audible volume
主要特征: Apple磁盘映像加载支持