XiaoMi Ruby 15.6 UMA only

XiaoMi Ruby 15.6 UMA only

小米XIAOMI 2021-02-03



This Config only fit for i5-8250U without Nvidia Graphics. You may need to change configs with i3 or i7 edition. And if you have nvidia graphics, you may need to block it. And if you use dw-serials wireless card, you may need to add kext by yourself.

The Trackpad is CUST0001 on my computer, if you can’t drive it, please look up devcice name in Windows and set an issue!

From Clover to Opencore

  1. Use scripts unlock CFG and set DVMT
  2. Press Space in OpenCore boot page, and then select Clean NVRAM entry


  1. Opencore Bootloader and all Hotpatch ACPI tables
  2. Unlock CFG and DVMT limit, more original to mac
  3. 99% Hardware is perfect even FN-Backlight button


For a 99% perfect Hackintosh on Xiaomi-Ruby-15.6-UMA-only, you need do following things.

  1. Replace Wireless Network Cards from Realtek to BCM94360CS2 – Necessary
  2. Replace your monitor from 45% NTSC to 72% NTSC (N156HCE-EN1) – Optional
  3. Replace your m2 ssd from SATA to NVME – Optional
  4. Upgrade your memory – Optional
  5. Buy a good bluetooth soundbar – Optional

BIOS Setting

  1. Set a bios password and disable scurity boot – Necessary
  2. Use scripts unlock CFG and set DVMT – Recommend (You can roll back by restore bios setting)

    You can test in Opencore boot page

Work not Well

  1. Realtek SD Card Reader

    You can passthrough it to VirtualMachine, because it’s a USB device!

Generate your own SMbios


For setting up the SMBIOS info, we’ll use CorpNewt’s GenSMBIOS and ProperTree application. https://github.com/corpnewt/GenSMBIOS https://github.com/corpnewt/ProperTree

Because of the KabyLake R, we’ll choose the MacBookPro14,2 SMBIOS:

Run GenSMBIOS, pick option 1 for downloading MacSerial and Option 3 for selecting out SMBIOS. This will give us an output similar to the following:

Type: MacBookPro14,2

Serial: C02WXAY2HV2N

Board Serial: C02826303CDHRPC8C

SmUUID: 88AA1336-8DF9-477A-A39F-03D016ED0809

The order is Product | Serial | Board Serial (MLB)

The Type part gets copied to Generic -> SystemProductName.

The Serial part gets copied to Generic -> SystemSerialNumber.

The Board Serial part gets copied to Generic -> MLB.

The SmUUID part gets copied toto Generic -> SystemUUID.

We set Generic -> ROM to either an Apple ROM (dumped from a real Mac), your NIC MAC address, or any random MAC address (could be just 6 random bytes, for this guide we’ll use 11223300 0000. After install follow the Fixing iServices page on how to find your real MAC Address)

Reminder that you want either an invalid serial or valid serial numbers but those not in use, you want to get a message back like: “Invalid Serial” or “Purchase Date not Validated”

Apple Check Coverage page https://checkcoverage.apple.com/cn/zh/

Current Status in OpenCore

Limited theme

Press Space in OpenCore boot page, and then select Clean NVRAM entry

Need more testing…

XiaoMi Ruby 15.6 UMA only
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