Thinkpad T450/T450s

Thinkpad T450/T450s

联想LENOVO 2021-03-02

Lenovo Thinkpad T450 & T450s Hackintosh Guide for Mojave, Catalina & Big Sur with Opencore

This repo contains the installation guide and EFI files required to get a perfectly functional Big Sur Public Release, Catalina and Mojave hackintosh on your T450 or T450s since they share the same hardware. Everything is stable and functional as described in this Readme.

A few worthy mentions about this repo:

  • This guide is not for models with Haswell 4th gen CPU
  • The EFI folder and the patched ACPI were first created by EchoEspirit and futher optimized by i3p9. I tweaked a couple of things and fixed some errors that were happening on T450 added Intel WiFi drivers from Openintelwireless
  • I will try my best to keep the repo updated with the latest kexts and Opencore version
  • This EFI works with Big Sur Public Release (11.x), Catalina and Mojave
  • This EFI is Configured with Big Sur in mind. If you are using it on Catalina or Mojave read the the whole guide to know where to make the necessary changes
  • With every EFI update you retrieve from here please remember to transfer your Device details like Serial number, MLB, ROM, Sytem-UUID and all of them under Platforminfo -> Generic


Thinkpad T450/T450s


EFI folder and Guide for Thinkpad T450 and T450s Hackintosh Catalina.

  • Tested CPUsi5-5200U/5300u & i7-5600u
  • Integrated GraphicsHD Graphics 5500
  • Sound CardALC292
  • Wireless Cards TestedDW1820A 00JT494/Broadcom BCM94360CSAX/Intel 7265/7260


  • Security -> Security ChipDisabled;
  • Memory Protection -> Execution PreventionEnabled;
  • Virtualization -> Intel Virtualization TechnologyEnabled;
  • Virtualization -> Vt-directed IODisabled;
  • Internal Device Access -> Bottom Cover Tamper Detection: must be Disabled;
  • Anti-Theft -> Current SettingDisabled;
  • Anti-Theft -> Computrace -> Current SettingDisabled;
  • Secure Boot -> Secure BootDisabled;
  • UEFI/Legacy BootUEFI Only;
  • Fingerprint SensorDisabled (Causes issues with wake from sleep);
  • CSM SupportYes.

Note: If you can\’t see any boot entries with CMS support set to Yes, change it to NO. After this you will get a garbled screen, to fix this put the laptop to sleep by closing the lid till the light starts blinking and wake it up

What works

  • Sleep / Wake
  • Wifi and Bluetooth (Built-in Intel 7265 or 7260 cards with Airportitlwm.kext) itlwm.kext is recommended for those on Catalina because Airportitlwm causes issues with Trackpad after wake from sleep {See on Post Install}
  • AirPort Extreme (Broadcom BCM94360CSAX & NGFF A/E Adapter) Recommended Upgrade to get native WiFi & Bluetooth
  • Handoff, Continuity, AirDrop
  • iMessage, FaceTime, App Store, iTunes Store (Change Config.plist -> PlatformInfo -> Generic -> MLB and SystemSerialNumber)
  • Ethernet
  • Onboard audio (Use alc_fix to fix unworking jack after replug )
  • USB 2.0 / USB 3.0
  • Dual Batteries
  • Touchpad
  • Trackpoint
  • miniDP
  • SD Card Reader (Enable Sinetek-rtsx.kext in Config.plist because it is unstable to be left on by default)
  • Use one-key-hidpi to enable HiDPI
  • If you are using a usb mouse with side buttons, you can spoof apple usb mouse by change the pid and vid in AnyAppleUSBMouse.kext/Info.plist and enable it in config.plist.

What doesn\’t work

  • VGA
  • Sidecar (Wired Sidecar works but only in Macbook9,1 SMBIOS, which has bad battery life, you can choose what you want)
  • With the IntelBluetoothFirmware.kext and Airportitlwm.kext or itlwm.kext enabled Bluetooth headphones only work when you are not connected to any wifi network or turn off wifi. This is a known issue with 7265 and 7260 cards. You can get 8x series cards to fix this or buy the recomended cards (DW1820A 00JT494 or Broadcom BCM94360CSAX)

Note: If you need to edit config.plist, don\’t use OpenCore configurator or Clover configurator, use PlistEdit pro (Included in Utilities) or Xcode.