ThinkPad L13

ThinkPad L13

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ThinkPad L13


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ThinkPad L13 Yoga

Category Component Note
Type 20R5, 20R6
CPU Intel Core i5-10210U
SSD WD 512GB Replaced cursed PM 981 which still doesn\’t work reliably
Screen 13″ FHD 1920×1080 Multi touch and pen support working
Memory 8GB / 2666MHz DDR4
Battery Integrated Li-Polymer 46Wh Single battery
Camera 720p Camera and 5MP camera Both cameras working
Wifi & BT Intel Wireless-AC 9560 Use AirportItlwm for your macOS version and enjoy native Wi-Fi control.
Input PS2 Keyboard & I2CHID TrackPad (touchscreen and pen) I\’m using YogaSMC for media keys.


Component Version
macOS Big Sur 11.5.1
OpenCore v0.6.9*

*Prior to OpenCore 0.6.7 MacOS would not boot on this computer.


What’s working ✅
  •  Battery percentage
  •  Bluetooth – Intel Wireless-AC 9560
  •  Wifi – Intel Wireless-AC 9560
  •  CPU power management
  •  GPU UHD hardware acceleration / performance
  •  iMessage, FaceTime, App Store, iTunes Store. Generate your own SMBIOS
  •  Intel I219-V Ethernet port –works with the Lenovo dongle
  •  Keyboard Volume and brightness hotkeys, with YogaSMC and BrightnessKey kexts
  •  Audio – Conexant CX8070 –"alcid=15" - or see setup above
  •  Microphone
  •  Sleep/Wake
  •  TrackPoint Works perfectly. Just like on Windows or Linux.
  •  USB Ports USB map created.
  •  Web camera Both cameras are working after the USB mapping was done.
  •  TouchPad 1-3 fingers swipe gestures
  •  Multi-Touch Screen Pen also working
  •  Graphical Boot menu OpenCanopy (It does work. Not included in OC folder as I generally skip the boot menu.)
  •  HDMI
What’s not working ⚠️
  •  Fingerprint reader – While there is finally a working driver for Linux (python-validity), don't expect macOS driver any time soon.
  •  Samsung PM 981 NVME drive – Still unstable. Could work for some, not for others.
  •  Boot chime
  •  FileVault 2
  •  Sidecar wired
  •  Sidecar wireless
  •  Windows/Linux from OC boot menuI'm not dual booting my system but there's no reason it shouldn't work.


OpenCore 0.6.9 configuration of the Lenovo ThinkPad L13 Yoga – Hackintosh




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