英特尔NUC 2021-02-15

Intel NUC10 Hackintosh OpenCore EFI



  • NUC10i7FNH/FNK
  • NUC10i5FNH/FNK
  • NUC10i3FNH/FNK

OS Version Tested

  • macOS Big Sur 11.1
  • macOS Catalina 10.15.7 (Need to replace AirportItlwm.kext to Catalina version)

BIOS config

BIOS version FNCML357.0047 (latest)

  • Advanced -> Storage -> SATA Mode Selection -> AHCI
  • Advanced -> Video -> IGD Minimum Memory -> 64MB
  • Advanced -> Video -> IGD Aperture Size -> 256MB
  • Advanced -> Video -> IGD Primary Video Port -> Auto
  • Boot -> Secure Boot -> Secure Boot -> Disabled
  • Boot -> Boot Priority -> UEFI Boot -> Checked
  • Boot -> Boot Priority -> Legacy Boot -> Unchecked
  • Boot -> Boot Priority -> Fast Boot -> Unchecked

keep other settings default.

CFG Unlock

If it’s the first time your nuc10 install with macOS, you must unlock CFG before install macOS.

  1. Find a USB flash drive, formatted as FAT32 partition.
  2. Copy EFI files to the root of your USB drive, path will be /EFI.
  3. Reboot your nuc10, press F10, boot with the drive above.
  4. Choose CFGLock Shell.efi unlock CFG.


  1. /EFI/OC/config.plist Default boot with AppleALC.kext.
  2. /EFI/OC/config.AppleALC.plist same as /EFI/OC/config.plist.
  3. /EFI/OC/config.VoodooHDA.plist Default boot with VoodooHDA.kext(HDMI Audio works).
  4. /EFI/OC/config.GUI.AppleALC.plist GUI boot with AppleALC.kext.
  5. /EFI/OC/config.GUI.VoodooHDA.plist GUI boot with VoodooHDA.kext(HDMI Audio works).

Choose one you prefer to 🙂

When in the OC’s booting interface, press the space bar to show more options

Known issue

  • HDMI Audio not work(you can use VoodooHDA.kext as alternative).
  • Airdrop not work.
  • SD Card not work.

HDMI Audio

  • The default Audio drive is AppleALC.kext loaded by the file /EFI/OC/config.plist.
  • If you want to use VoodooHDA.kext, just rename the file /EFI/OC/config.VoodooHDA.plist to /EFI/OC/config.plist. (Do not forget to replace the GMBIOS with your own.)