Acer Nitro 5 an517-51-55NT

Acer Nitro 5 an517-51-55NT

宏碁Acer 2022-07-03


Nitro 5 an517-51-55NT Hackintosh

– Opencore 0.7.4

This UEFI is initial made from: SaeedHaidar , and updated to latest openCore by me. Thanks SaeedHaidar, u are my hero!!


Acer Nitro 5 an517-51-55NT

What’s working

WiFi Bluetooth Airdrop Universal Clipboard Handoff Continuity Camera iPhone Cellular Calls (DW1820a)

Power Managment is very stable most of the time cpu Fan will not load but it depends on what you are doing

TouchPad all gestures Finally after month of researching

Fully Functional QE/CI Enabled Graphics

intel bluetooth and WiFi on AX200 card

Display brightness with hot keys

FaceTime, Messages, etc…

iGPU with disabled dGPU

Audio & headphone jack

Battery Management

All USB ports




Sleep (Preparations section)

Disabled Devices

GTX 1650

Bios Settings

Main → click on (calt s) a new setting will appear to change SATA type to AHCI otherwise you will not be able to see you drive when installing hackintosh

Security → Set supervisor password (to disable secure boot)

Security → Password on boot → Disable

Boot → Secure Boot → Disable

Not Working

HDMI (Nvidia Optimus is hardwire to HDMI)


When you switch SATA type to AHCI you might not be able to boot to windows again but do not worry here is a guide i found to switch without getting any issue Here

You need to disable SystemProfilerMemoryFixup.kext if you wanna enter recovery mode or you will get kernel panic

To get right click to work go to touchpad settings in (Secondary click) choose (click in bottom right corner)

If apple Continuity did not worked try logout and login again on all your devices your hackintosh too

OpenCore Guide Here