MSI B450M Mortar Max Ryzen 5 2600x RX Vega 64

MSI B450M Mortar Max Ryzen 5 2600x RX Vega 64

微星MSI 2021-02-02

OpenCore EFI for AMD Ryzen Hackintosh (macOS 10.13 – 11.0) RYZEN 2600X B450M VEGA 64


CPUAMD Ryzen 5 2600x @ 3.6GHz
MotherboardMSI B450M Mortar Max
RAM16GB (2 x 8GB) Kingston DIMM @ 2400Mhz
Audio ChipsetALC-887
OS Disk (NVMe)Kingston A400 480GB

macOS version: 10.14.6 (20B50)
OpenCore version: 0.6.3

Compatability macOS versions

  • High Sierra (10.13.x)
  • Mojave (10.14.x)
  • Catalina (10.15.x)
  • Big Sur (10.16/11.0)


  1. Make your USB installer with this guide
  2. Clone the repository and paste “BOOT” and “OC” directories into your’s pendrive “EFI” folder
  3. Download GenSMBIOS to generate unique SMBIOS information. Run it and select Generate SMBIOS, as the model select iMacPro1,1 or iMac19,1.
  4. Open config.plist with ProperTree and go to PlatformInfo > Generic. Set MLB (Board Serial), SystemSerialNumber (Serial) and SystemUUID (SmUUID) to generated values. Change ROM to your network card’s MAC address without the : character. How to get MAC Address?
  5. Boot it!

You CAN NOT use SMBIOS from this repository, it MUST be unique for every macOS installation


Dual monitor / External monitor / Multi Monitor setup issues

I have came upon a sudden and a restless problem only when more then one monitor is plugged in. I have two monitors LG 32" and Philips 27" both DisplayPort. When my computer boots up inside login screen first monitors screen starts blinking. The second monitor is black but blinking trying to connect. fter some time the second monitor goes offline or like in few casses it sorts itself out and the monitors work. If i unplug and plug back the cables bunch of times i can resolve.

In the issue was resolved by installing RDM
Then tinkering with both displays resolution and refresh rate the problem was solved and blinking/trying to connect stopped. Maybe he needed a saved configuration for the monitors. I’m not sure anymore. I’m glad if this helped you.

To switch to another patch search for mtrr_update_action in config.plist. Then set Enabled to true for patch which you want to use. Remember to set Enabled to false for second PAT patch.
Don’t try to use them both at the same time, it won’t work.

Adobe problems fix

Adobe applications crash on AMD Hackintoshes due to missing intel_fast_memset instructions. Follow this guide to get it working!


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