Matebook 13/14 2020

Matebook 13/14 2020

华为 HUAWEI 2021-03-02


Matebook 13/14 2020

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Component Details
Model Huawei Matebook 13/14 2020
CPU Intel Core i5 10210U / i7 10510U (Comet Lake)
GPU Intel UHD620
Nvidia MX250 / MX350
Wireless / BT Intel 9462AC / 9560AC CNVio2
Touchpad/Touchscreen ELAN962C
SYNA7813 (MB14) / ELAN224A (MB13)
Sound card ALC256
Toshiba XG6
LCD 2160*1440
SMBIOS MacBookPro 15,4
BIOS 1.10
(some problem exist in v1.12)

⚠️I DON‘T have this laptop.

⚠️The repo is created out of interest.

⚠️PR, Fork, issue are welcomed though I won\’t fix?

⚠️BTW, F**K for they steal the repos on GitHub and ask for pay on their own website. Shame!

  • Note: Huawei just squeeze some toothpaste to upgrade Matebook 13/14, this repo may not help you with the boot issue on other Comet Lake platform laptops.

What\’s working

  •  Intel UHD 620
  •  Brightness Control
  •  Backlight shortcuts
  •  USB
  •  Internal speaker
  •  Headphone output
  •  Internal Mic
  •  Touchpad
  •  Intel Bluetooth
  •  Hibernation
  •  NVRAM
  •  HDMI output
    • The HDMI port of Matebook 14 2020 is HDMI 1.4, only support 4K30P or 4K50P in 4:2:0.
  •  DP output (Recommended)
    • Use ru.efi or H2OUVE to unlock DVMT Pre-allocated to 64M if you want 4K60P output.


What\’s not working

  • Nvidia MX250
  • Intel Wireless 9462/9560 AC CNVio2 (wait for itlwmx)
  • SPI fingerprint sensor
  • Internal camera (AzureWave)
  • SAMSUNG PM981 NVMe SSD (unstale)


Working with issues

  • kernel_task may suddenly cause high CPU usage (thanks to AppleALC)
    • Try sleep/wake or restart your laptop.
  • Touchscreen
    • Any issue related is welcomed. (Though I won\’t fix)
  • Line in (Mic in) of headphone jack
    • The internal mic and line in share the same node. In Windows, the switch is done by the driver. Need further research.
  • Type-C to VGA will cause Kernel Panic (issue #3)
    • May related to LSPCON
    • It\’s 2020 now, why not embrace digital output?


TODOs after install

  1. Install ComboJack to improve the headphone sound quality.
    • Click HERE to download. Credit to Heporis.
    • Execute the script in the directory below


  2. Realtek USB NIC Driver by chris111Link
    • You may still need a Realtek USB Wireless card so far. The drivers on Intel wireless card are far from stable and still have speed issues.
  3. VoodooPS2Controller may turn off the touchpad occasionally。Click F11 if your touchpad is suddenly disabled.
  4. HiDPI
    • See one-key-hidpi
    • DO NOT inject EDID.
    • Choose the icon you like.
    • Input custom 3:2 resolutions.
      e.g. 1650*11001500x10001350x900



Download from Release:

Matebook 13/14 2020
Magicbook 14 8代U