Lenovo Y520/Y720

Lenovo Y520/Y720

联想LENOVO 2021-03-03

My Personal Big Sur 11.1 EFI for Lenovo Legion Y520

This is my personal OpenCore EFI for my current hackintosh (dual-boot macOS Big Sur 11.1 and Windows 10). If you want a tutorial how to use it in your system or you have any questions please open an issue 🙂


  • iGPU
  • Intel Wifi
  • Bluetooth (tested only Apple devices, other should work too)
  • Audio
  • Camera
  • Keyboard & touchpad
  • Brightness control
  • FileVault

Can work, help wanted:

Not working:

  • dGPU (Nvidia GTX1060)
  • HDMI/DisplayPort video (connected to dGPU)