HP Pavilion 16 a000x

HP Pavilion 16 a000x

惠普HP 2022-01-11


macos monterey for HP pavilion 16 a000x working


2.wifi & ethernet


4.hp true vision camera

5.Internal speakers

  1. ssd & hdd

7.apple id



10.cpu power management fixed cfg lock

  1. Trackpad & keyboard

12.sleep fixed

  1. microphone

  2. battery health percentage

15.uhd 630 fixed no booting issues now

what not working (FIXED)

1.usb hid mouse (fixed using usbmap map.kext but that bricks bluetooth same with cam)

2.Thats all XD

my pc

CPU:I510300H [OVERCLOCKED] yea moded bios without offset voltage option

GPU:UHD630 (1650TI Not working missing drivers blame Nvdia)

RAM:8gb samsung 3200Mhz

Motherboard/Laptop Make and Model: HP gaming 16 a000x

Audio Codec:apple alc 0x103C87AE

Ethernet Card: Realtek RTL8111

Wifi/BT Card: Wifi 6 AX201 intel Bluetooth (says also ax201in hackintool)

BIOS revision:Ami f.22