HP Elite X2 G4

HP Elite X2 G4

惠普HP 2021-04-20


Install macOS on your 8.5th gen HP Elite X2 tablets.


Latest BIOS with 128M DVMT. Secure Boot, Wake on * & Power Control Disabled


  • i5 8365U, 8G, 256G, 2Kx1K: The main model this configuration was developed with and for. I use 128M DVMT for best compatibility.
  • Other CPU/ Memory Config: Compatible in theory. Not tested.
  • 3Kx2K Compatible in theory. Not tested.

Post-installation tweaks

A few required or otherwise useful steps to take on a running macOS system on your Elite X2:

Using your own serial number

Just generate a new set with OpenCore Configurator and you’re good to go

Disabling Power-related Settings

In order to achieve a stable sleep, you’re responsible of disabling the following:

  • Power Nap (if available)
  • Wake for Internet Access
  • tcpkeepalive (hint: sudo pmset -a tcpkeepalive 0)

Switching cmd and opt

In keyboard settings, select the modifier keys option, and switch cmd (win) with opt (alt)

TrackPad Scrolling

Use Grab Scroll in Smart Scroll.

What works

  • Full hardware acceleration
  • Audio
  • Battery reading and charging recognition
  • USB-C
  • CPU Temperature and voltage/wattage reading
  • Internal Wi-Fi via OpenIntelWireless (Big Sur Support, 802.11ac)
  • Bluetooth via OpenIntelWireless
  • Back Camera
  • Touchscreen
  • Sleep

What’s untested

  • DP alt mode output
  • Hibernation

What’s not yet working but could potentially be fixed

  • Thunderbolt 3
  • Native OpenCore Windows DualBoot (for now please use OpenCore MOD: https://gitee.com/btwise/OpenCore_NO_ACPI)
  • Sometimes the screen boots with no brightness control, making it very dim. A reboot should fix that problem, and I have no thoughts of what leads to it.

What’s not yet working and you shouldn’t expect them to work any time soon

  • Touchpad full gesture support
  • Microphone
  • Volume Buttons
  • Front Camera

What will never* work

  • Fingerprint
  • Windows Hello IR
  • Accelerometer

* Not unless someone decides to make custom kexts for these, of course.


https://github.com/kodowiec/HP-Elitebook-x360-1040-G6-Opencore for providing HP 8.5th gen specific SSDT and hotpatchs

https://github.com/acai66/lenovo-miix-520-hackintosh for providing trackpad fix