Gigabyte H87M-D3H

Gigabyte H87M-D3H

技嘉GIGABYT 2021-02-03


This repository includes all the kext and configuration for Gigabyte H87M-D3H Intel i3 4440 with HD4600 Mojave Hackintosh EFI(Clover).

All the supporting kext and configuration for following specification are included in this repository. Everything is working fine on my build. If you need any guides or support feel free to ping.

My very best friend Motasim Foad guided me through this project!!

You can visit my website to know more about my works & also to contact me. My website :


Processor : Intel, i3 4440

Graphics : HD4600,

RAM : 8GB,

Motherboard : Gigabyte H87M-D3H


The only issue I’m facing right now is the missing USB 3.0 acceleration that was present High Sierra but isn’t available (as of yet) after the Mojave update.

I’ll update this repo once I’ll get this issue resolved.


This repo contains the BOOT & CLOVER folders after I have updated from High Sierra to Mojave.

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