Gigabyte H410M S2H

Gigabyte H410M S2H

技嘉GIGABYT 2021-04-20

Tested with Big Sur but probably will work with Catalina as well.

I am not a specialist and I spend a lot of time to make my system work.

In my opinion, I assume that it is a very common low budget hardware combination.

So, I am placing here my files to save you some time.

You have to import your custom System Serial, UUID, and MLB numbers.

Working everything except sleep/wake (you have to unplug and plug the display cable).

Easy fix = Disable your display turn off in power settings.

Of course, if anyone find an 100% solution, I will be gratefully to hear about it.

There are two versions:

Final = For exactly same system with theme, modded USB3 and LAN kexts

(The OpenShell and Clear NVRAM tools are hidden under spacebar)

Debug = For experiments on similar systems with detailed debug info and original kexts

(You will probably need to generate your own ACPI SSDTs)

=============== SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS ===============

Motherboard: Gigabyte H410M-S2H

CPU: Intel i5-10400

GPU: Intel UHD630 (internal)

RAM: HyperX 16GB (2666MHz)


=============== ESSENTIAL BIOS SETTINGS ===============

  1. Load Optimized Defaults (Save & Exit)
  2. Favorites -> Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) = Enabled or Profile1 (if RAM is above 2400MHz)
  3. Favorites -> CSM Support = Disabled
  4. Favorites -> Secure Boot Mode = Disabled or Custom
  5. Favorites -> SATA Controllers = Enabled
  6. Settings -> IO Ports -> Initial Display Output = IGFX
  7. Settings -> IO Ports -> Internal Graphics = Enabled
  8. Settings -> IO Ports -> DVMT Pre-Allocated = 64M – 128M
  9. Settings -> IO Ports -> DVMT Total Gfx Mem = Up to 1024M
  10. Settings -> IO Ports -> Super IO Configuration -> Serial Port = Disabled
  11. Settings -> IO Ports -> USB Configuration -> All 3 settings = Enabled
  12. Settings -> IO Ports -> Network Stack = Disabled
  13. Settings -> IO Ports -> SATA Configuration -> SATA mode = AHCI
  14. Boot -> CFG Lock = Disabled
  15. Boot -> Security Option = System
  16. Boot -> Fast Boot = Disabled link
  17. Boot -> Windows 10 Features = Other OS
  • There is no need to disable VT-d
  • You can enable Above 4G Decoding if you want

=============== EXTRA DETAILS ===============

  1. Due to security reasons Apple does not allow non certificated extensions to get installed. So, I have put NVRAM/Add/7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82/csr-active-config = 03000000. You can change it to 00000000 if you facing updating problems.
  2. If you experience boot loop after partition scheme modification consider of changing the SecureBoot flags (not tested).

=============== HELP ME AND OTHERS ===============

If you have any success to other systems with those EFI folders please mention it on Issues section among with the tweaks you have made.

Thank you.

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