Dell XPS 13 9300

Dell XPS 13 9300

华硕ASUS 2021-02-15

Dell XPS13 9300


OpenCore Version0.6.2

BIOS Version : 1.2.0

macOS Version: macOS Catalina 10.15.7 / Big Sur 11.0.1

Dell XPS 13 9300

hardware status

Hardware Status
CPU – i7-1065G7 Working – Applying voltageshift for better performance
GPU – Iris Plus Graphics G7 Working – Appple GUC firmwire
Screen Working – 1920×1200 Non-touch
RAM Working – On Board 16G
SSD Working – 2TB
Audio Working – headphones jack need to be fixed by combojack
Wireless Working – wifi / handoff
Bluetooth Working – airpods pro / apple watch
SD card reader Working
Battery Working
USB 3.x / USB 2.0 Working – usb3.1 10Gbps
HotKeys Working – mute F1, volume F2/F3, keyboard brightness F5, brightness F6/F7, disable trackpad F10
Webcom Working
Laptop KeyBoard Working – PS2
Laptop Trackpad Working – Turn off force touch in System Preferences->trackpad(#6)
Sleep Working – S3 sleep
Thunderbolt 3 Partialy working – hotplug not working
Fingerprint Sensor Not working

Big Sur

For the fisrt install. Boot with EFI_big_sir_boot first. It will take a long time to install Big Sur. So, please be patient. After boot into the system, then replace EFI_big_sir_boot with EFI. Finally, make sure to change Airportitlwm to big sur version.

DO NOT RESTART thinking you’re stuck, this will take quite some time(16mins) to complete, otherwise you’ll break your installation.

Dell XPS 13 9300

4K display

Thanks to 宪武. He has done a lot of works on 4k display. But still, there are some problems need to be fixed. Please read the instruction first and confirm your cpu model. If your cpu model is not i5-1035G1. You’ll need to change your device proverties in config.

Bios settings

Enable :

  • SATA Operation : AHCI
  • Enable MediaCard : check Enable SD Card (Do not check SD card Boot, it will cause SD card kext fail to load.)
  • Fastboot : Thorough

Disable :

  • Secure Boot
  • TPM2.0 Security On
  • Intel SGX
  • Wake on AC
  • Wake on Dell USB-C Dock
  • Power On Lid Open
  • Sign Of Life : Early Logo Display / Early keyboard backlight
  • VT for Direct I/O
  • Fingerprint reader
  • cfg lock : DO AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! It may brick your laptop.

Disable CFG lock

For people who want better cpu performance(undervolt, modify PL1,PL2) need to unlock their cfg lock.

DO AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! It may brick your laptop.

Follow the guide at :

Known Problem

  • thunderbolt hotplug not working
  • usb-c to hdmi/DP not working

Updated 10.29

  • remove fakepciid and improve the stability of AppleALC
  • update Big Sur version
  • fix the screen brightness is unusually low after sleep

Updated 10.17

  • improve 4k disaplay’s backlight.

Updated 10.14

  • fix secound sleep fail issue, sleep/wake now working perfectly (By testing, battery drop 3~4% overnight)
  • fix poor sound quailty issue by applying combojack
  • undervolt cpu, and modify PL1, PL2 make significant improve on CPU performance.(geekbench5 score original : 12xx/33xx, now : 12xx/43xx)

Dell XPS 13 9300

Dell XPS 13 9300

Dell XPS 13 9300

metal score tested on egpu(5700xt) Dell XPS 13 9300

openCL score tested on egpu(5700xt) Dell XPS 13 9300