Dell Vostro 5590

Dell Vostro 5590

戴尔DELL 2022-01-11


EFI folder for OpenCore 0.7.5 and macOS Big Sur compatible with the Dell Vostro 5590 and 5490. Supposedly works with Inspiron 5490/5498/5590/5598.


Type Details
CPU Intel Core i7-10510U
iGPU Intel UHD 620
Display 1920×1080
Audio Realtek ALC3204/236
WLAN Intel 9462AC
LAN Realtek RTL8169
SSD 480GB Kingston UV500 – macOS boot
NVMe 512GB Samsung PM991 – Windows
KB Built-in Standard PS2 Keyboard
TP Built-in I2C HID Trackpad
SMBIOS MacBookPro16,4
Bootloader OpenCore 0.7.5

What works and What doesn’t or WIP:

  •  Intel UHD 620 iGPU eDP Output (with Backlight)

  •  Intel UHD 620 iGPU HDMI Output

  •  ALC3204/236 Internal Speakers

  •  ALC3204/236 Native Jack Output

  •  ALC3204/236 HDMI Audio Output

  •  All USB Ports Type A (2xUSB 3.0 and 1xUSB 2.0)

  •  SpeedStep / Sleep / Wake

  •  I2C Touchpad

  •  Intel Bluetooth Module

  •  Realtek RTL8169 LAN

  •  USB Cardreader

  •  ACPI Battery

  •  NVRAM

  •  Wi-Fi (on Big Sur)

  •  DisplayPort over Type-C (did not check)

  •  MX250 dGPU (Not supported)

  •  Internal / External Mic and Camera

Important Notes:

  • Generate your OWN SMBIOS
  • Do not COPY & PASTE this and use on your installer or Mac disk’s EFI Partition. This is to give you idea on what will work and a jump start to hackintosh this laptop.
  • Fixes for current problems are appreciated.