Dell Inspriron 14 3467

Dell Inspriron 14 3467

戴尔DELL 2021-04-06

OpenCore EFI Bootloader for Dell Inspiron 14 3467

OpenCore EFI for Dell Inspriron 14 3467 (Intel Core i5-7200U – HD620)

CPU Intel Core I5 – 7200U
GPU Intel HD 620 ~ 1500MB Vram
Audio Realtek ALC-256 (layout-id=11)

Dell Inspriron 14 3467


OS Support: MacOS HighSierra and newer (Catalina,Mojave Working ). In the future I will continue maintaining this EFI.

At the moment I\’m using HDD 5400rpm which is really slow, so until I have a new SSD I won\’t upgrade to BigSur.

Everything works except brightness hotkey (use Fn S and Fn B to change brightness, in VoodooPS2Controller brightness keys are f13 and f14).

If you have problems with audio, use ALCPlugFix. Instead use ComboJack.

This EFI is only for Dell Inspiron 14 – 3467, if you are using dell laptop with the same specs, to the following this guide to repatch USB Port.

  • You might also want to patch Battery here as this device doesn\’t need to patch.

For HighSierra user:

For Opencore 0.6.7, macOS might not boot if you have AppleSecureBoot enabled as HighSierra is now old, so you might want to disable by going to Mics -> SecureBootModel -> Disabled

How to install ComboJack or ALCPlugFix.

  • First, you need to disable SIP: goto Recovery OS -> open Terminal and type csrutil disable (you can re-enable SIP after successfully install.
  • Next, reboot into macOS and type this into terminal sudo mount -uw / .
  • Then, run by navigating these folder from terminal, then type bash .
  • Finally, re-cache kext by typing this into terminal kextcache -i /