Asus X555UA

Asus X555UA

华硕ASUS 2021-02-15


Link for full guide:

OpenCore’s EFI for Asus X555UA

System Information:

  • Laptop model: Asus X555UA
  • CPU: Core i5-6200U
  • iGPU: Intel HD Graphic 520
  • Audio: ALC256
  • Trackapd: I2C-ELAN1000
  • Wifi and Ethernet: Realtek


  • OpenCore bootloader v0.6.5
  • Big Sur dual-boot with Window10

What’s works:

  • Display Brightness
  • Audio (alcid=28)
  • iGPU
  • Trackpad with full gestsures (Required patch DSDT with I2C Controller’s patch)
  • Keyboard (fn key still not working)
  • CPU Power Management (CPUFriend)
  • Battery Indicator (Required patch DSDT)

fixing …

What’s not works:

  • Wifi and Bluetooth (Require DW1550 or anything else)