ASUS ROG B450-E   R7 1700  RX480

ASUS ROG B450-E R7 1700 RX480

华硕ASUS 2021-02-02

Introduction in English


My machine information

Motherboard: ASUS ROG B450-E is “E”!

CPU:AMD R7 1700

Graphics card: XFX RX480 4G Black Wolf Edition


I see that there is almost no EFI file sharing for my motherboard on major forums, and no one even uses this motherboard to play kink, so I deliberately shared my own to everyone

The current system version is MacOS 10.15.5

Video card hardware solution supports work such as video editing. Sound card and network card work normally (AMD common problem: microphone can not be used, my own solution is: external audio playback sound, USB headset pickup sound)

Update OpenCore 0.5.9 version, can normally boot Black Apple and WIN10.

Update all Kext.

Almost all functions except navigation and microphone are currently in normal use.

Recommend a website to repair Adobe family bucket

The advantage is that you can use the latest version of Camera RAW. The disadvantage is that you may need to manually delete the file (the terminal executes the command sometimes there will be errors, it should be caused by the wrong path. Manual deletion)

The following link will help you repair Photoshop to almost no problem (fix some functions of Photoshop’s liquefaction on AMD platform)

Change the incorrectly displayed processor name in this machine

Need to use the tool BBEdit decentralized download link

Go to folder


Copy a copy of Processors.strings to the desktop, then use BBEdit to open the Desktop Processors.strings, find the same place as your display about the machine, modify it to the name you want to display, and replace the original Processors.strings Just drop it (if you can’t replace the original Processors.strings, you need to open the system file write permission: sudo mount -uw / && killall Finder (throw it into the terminal-enter-enter the local password))





主板:华硕ROG B450-E 是”E”!

CPU:AMD R7 1700

显卡:XFX RX480 4G黑狼版


我看各大论坛都几乎没有我这款主板的EFI文件分享 甚至都没有人用这款主板玩黑果 所以特意将我自己的分享给大家


显卡硬解 支持视频剪辑之类的工作 声卡、网卡正常运行(AMD通病:麦克风无法使用,我自己的解决方案为:外置音响播放声音,USB耳机拾取声音)

更新OpenCore 0.5.9版本,可以正常引导黑苹果和WIN10。




优点是可以用最新版本的Camera RAW 缺点是可能需要手动去删除文件(终端执行命令有时会出错 应该是路径不对导致的 手动删除即可)


更改 关于本机 里错误显示的处理器名称

需要用到的工具 BBEdit 下放下载链接



复制一份 Processors.strings 到桌面 然后用BBEdit打开桌面的Processors.strings 找到里面和你的关于本机显示的一样的地方 将其修改为你想要显示的名字 然后将原版Processors.strings替换掉即可(若无法替换原版Processors.strings,则需要开启系统文件写入权限:sudo mount -uw / && killall Finder(丢入终端中-回车-输入本机密码即可))

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