ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi) X570 Ryzen 5950x  5500 XT

ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi) X570 Ryzen 5950x 5500 XT

华硕ASUS 2021-02-02


This is the OpenCore configuration for macOS Big Sur 11.1 running on the ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi) X570 motherboard with an AMD Ryzen 5950x and Radeon 5500 XT.

All of this was done following the great OpenCore Install Guide with the Ryzen peculiarities. It is way less complex that it seems and is higly a recommended read.

What’s working

Component Status
AMD Ryzen 5950x via AMD kernel patches
Processor tempeture, frequency via SMCAMDProcessor
Sleep Unknown as I have no use for it yet
NVMe probably via NVMeFix.kext
SATA native
USB via SSDT injection
On-Board audio AppleALC is injected but couldn’t find a layout id that worked. See this guide. I use an external DAC anyway.
Intel AX200 Bluetooth apparently native (USB)
Intel AX200 Wi-Fi AirportItlwm could perhaps do the trick. I use wired ethernet.
Realtek 2.5gbps ethernet via LucyRTL8125Ethernet.kext
Radeon 5500 XT via WhateverGreen.kext
Radeon 5500 XT Audio (DP/HDMI) via via WhateverGreen.kext

Important GPU information

I have a RTX 3090 as the main GPU (first slot), and a Radeon 5500 XT as the macOS GPU (second slot). As such, I have disabled the first PCI slot for macOS with the following in DeviceProperties.Add (you might want to remove that depending in your needs):


Required BIOS configuration

Make sure the BIOS configuration is set as per the guide.

Regarding SMBios

The machine is configured as iMacPro1,1.

Because SMBios serial numbers are required, the config.plist isn’t present in the EFI/OC directory, but rather a config.tpl.plist in which the serial numbers are CHANGEME.

As per the guide, use GenSMBios to generate valid serials.

On macOS, it is possible to run make config to generate a final config.plist from a serials.txt with the following format:

SystemSerialNumber YYYY

I personally use the make sync command to generate and synchronize my EFI folder.