ASROCK Z370M Pro4  i5-9600K RX580

ASROCK Z370M Pro4 i5-9600K RX580

华擎ASRock 2021-03-19

Computer configuration: CPU: Intel i5-9600K Mainboard:ASROCK-Z370M-Pro4 RAM:C9BJZ 8Gx2 4133MHZ Video:Powercolor RX580 8G SATA-SSD:860EVO 500G NVME-SSD: WD-SN750

Version introduction: Used bat.bat OpenCORE 0.6.0 The latest self compiled version of Lilu whateevergreen, fakesmc is used It can support the new installation of MacOS 11.0 beta bigsur, and can normally boot bigsur to install images and recovery Customized USB port and cpu-ssdt Custom graphics card SSDT uses the native drive system to identify 580x, which can turn off whatever green Customize other SSDT DSDT Please modify and replace the ACPI patches according to your actual configuration

Normal equipment: CPU USB network card video card sleep nvme SATA

Known problems:

  1. Using pm981 (a) hard disk in bigsur system installation interface and bigsur recovery interface may cause system jamming.
  2. To be found

instructions: Directly decompress the compressed package and compress the EFI folder to the ESP partition。 Do not use the SMBIOS information in the configuration to log in to appleid to avoid being blocked!

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