ASRock x570M Pro4  Ryzen Zen series  RX 5700XT

ASRock x570M Pro4 Ryzen Zen series RX 5700XT

华擎ASRock 2021-02-02


OpenCore 0.5.8 EFI for ASRock x570M Pro4 motherboard, macOS Catalina 10.15.5
AMD Radeon RX 5700XT, any AMD Ryzen Zen series CPU should work

UEFI Settings

  • Boot / CSM: disabled
  • Boot / Above 4g decoding: enabled
  • Disable SATA deep sleep
  • Disable serial port

What’s working

  • Everything except the things below

What I’m still working on

  • Inject PowerPlayTable data to undervolt and overclock the GPU
  • Display correct CPU name in System Information
  • Sleep is still not working reliably
  • GUI for boot menu

What doesn’t work

  • Front panel mic (will never work)
  • Hyperkit (just use docker toolbox with VirtualBox or better: dinghy)
  • DRM in Safari and TV (DRM in Firefox/Chrome works fine)
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