MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon 1950X RX Vega 64

MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon 1950X RX Vega 64



Hackintosh For MSI X399, AMD 1950X CPU and AMD Vega 64 GPU.


  • TR 1950X: The main model this configuration was developed with and for.
  • Other 1st gen TRs: Compatible in theory. Not tested.
  • Other 2nd gen TRs Compatible in theory. Not tested.

Post-installation tweaks

A few required or otherwise useful steps to take on a running macOS:

Using your own serial number

Just generate a new set with OpenCore Configurator and you’re good to go (suggested SMBIOS is iMac Pro 2017 and Mac Pro 2019)

Switching cmd and opt

In keyboard settings, select the modifier keys option, and switch cmd (win) with opt (alt)

Reference Specs

CPU: ThreadRipper 1950X

MB: MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon with Latest BIOS

GPU: Radeon RX Vega 64 Reference Design

SSD: Intel SSD 750 1.2T

Tested OS (with latest EFI):

  • macOS High Sierra √
  • macOS Mojave ?
  • macOS Catalina √
  • macOS Big Sur √

What works

  • Full hardware acceleration (refer to the Dortania guides if you’re not using Vega series GPU)
  • Audio
  • USB ports
  • CPU Temperature and voltage/wattage reading via SMCAMDProcessor
  • Sleep

What’s untested

  • Hibernation

What’s not yet working

  • Things don’t work on other AMD Vanillas don’t work here

What will never* work

  • Things never work on other AMD Vanillas never work here

* Not unless someone decides to make custom kexts for these, of course.

MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon 1950X RX Vega 64
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