Asus N551JK 长期更新

Asus N551JK 长期更新


Asus N551JK OpenCore EFI

Big Sur – Opencore EFI for Asus N551JK

EFI for ASUS N551JK with OpenCore bootloader 0.6.6

Asus N551JK 长期更新

Computer Spec:

Component Brank
CPU Intel i7 4710HQ
iGPU Intel® HD Graphics 4600
dGPU nVidia GeForce GTX 850M (DISABLED)
Lan Realtek 8111
Audio Realtek ALC668
Ram 16 GB
Wifi + Bluetooth BCM94360HMB
SmBios MacBookPro 11,2
BootLoader OpenCore



Disable cfg lock

To disable cfg lock use the provided kit.

In the folder is provided a dump of BIOS 205 version for references.

THANKS TO LORYS89 for the hints and the kit

Declare tools in config.plist

Reboot the system, when you are at Opencore run modGRUBShell.efi

Type setup_var 0x85to interrogate, the result is Offset 0x85 is: 0x01 this mean that the cfg lock is enabled

Then type setup_var 0x85 0x00to write, the result is Offset 0x85 is: 0x01 setting offset 0x85 to 0x00 this mean that the cfg lock is disabled

Type EXIT to return to Opencore Bootloader, Reset nvram and use VerifyMsrE2.efi to check if the cfg lock is disabled.


Internal pointint device [ENABLED]

Wake on lid open [ENABLED]

Power off Energy saving [DISABLED]

Intel virtualization technology [ENABLED]

Intel aes-ni [ENABLED]


Sata configuration

SATA mode selection [AHCI]

Graphics configuration

DMVT pre allocated [128m]

Usb configuration

Legacy USB support [ENABLED]

Xhci pre boot mode [SMART AUTO]

Network stack

Network stack [DISABLED]



Launch pxe oprom policy [ENABLED]


Secure boot menu

Secure boot control [DISABLED]

What works and What doesn’t or WIP:

  •  Intel HD GRAPHICS 4600 iGPU
  •  Intel HD GRAPHICS 4600 iGPU HDMI Output
  •  Intel HD GRAPHICS 4600 iGPU mDisplayPort Out
  •  ALC668 Internal Speakers
  •  ALC668 Internal microphone
  •  ALC668 Combojack headphones
  •  ALC668 Combojack microphone
  •  ALC668 HDMI Audio Output
  •  ALC668 mDisplayPort Audio Output
  •  Sleep / Wake also with lid
  •  PS2 Touchpad with gesture
  •  Keyboard (PS2-Internal) with backlight
  •  F3 & F4 Backlight Key
  •  F5 & F6 Brightness Key
  •  F10 & F11 & F12 Sound Key
  •  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth BCM94360HMB Module
  •  Realtek RTL811 LAN
  •  Micro SD Cardreader (USB-Internal)
  •  WebCam (USB-Internal)
  •  All Sensors CPU, IGPU, BATTERY, FAN
  •  ACPI Battery
  •  NVRAM (Native)
  •  Recovery (macOS) boot from OpenCore
  •  Windows 10 boot from OpenCore


Asus N551JK 长期更新 Asus N551JK 长期更新 Asus N551JK 长期更新


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