ASUS TUF B450 TUF PRO Gaming 3700X 5700XT


AMD EFI testing platform: CPU:AMD 3700X MotherBoard:ASUS TUF B450 TUF PRO Gaming GPU: ASUS STRIX 5700XT SSD:WD SN750 500GB
MacOS:10.15.7 (EFI) 11.0.1(EFI2) EFI3 updated Opencore 0.6.4 to better adapt to Macos 11.0.1.

After my personal test, the audio that comes with the motherboard can be output from the I/O on the front of the chassis. I haven’t debugged the input yet. The system recognizes it as Intel i5 and the graphics card recognizes normally. I haven’t tested the edited video yet.

If you encounter problems, please leave your valuable comments Supported the big sur support, audio, start-up no problem. In EFI2 and EFI, it can be used as long as three codes are injected. HFUT(合肥工业大学)

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