Gigabyte Z490 UD i7 10700 RX 580

Z490-UD-rev-1.0 running on OpenCore 0.6.1 (Catalina)

System Specs

  • MB: Gigabyte Z490 UD Rev 1.0
  • CPU: Intel i7 10700
  • GPU: Radeon RX 580

BIOS Settings

  • Bios Version: F4 (update coming soon)

BIOS Features

Coming Soon

What’s Working

  •  Installation
  •  Booting
  •  GPU
  •  Bootcamp
  •  Sleep
  •  External Audio (USB Audio Card)
  •  USB
  •  MB Audio
  •  iGPU

My setup does not use iGPU or MB Audio therefore these features have not been implemented n’or tested. Feel free to open an issue or make a PR to add support for these!

How can I use this ?

You can just use the EFI folder in the repository as is to boot either a Catalina installation disk or boot into your existing Mac installation.

Do test using an USB stick before overwriting any existing Clover/OpenCore installation as issues could occur.

If you find a better configuration for these specs, feel free to make a pull request or open an issue!


My computer does not seem to boot

Without CSM Support enabled (and 4G Decoding), the setup does not boot with Radeon 580 GPU (or probably any other dedicated GPU) for some reason. Might be fixed in one of the later BIOS updates but I have not tested them yet so I cannot confirm that 4G Decoding is enabled by default.