Gigabyte C246 WU4 Xeon E-2278G RX 5500

Gigabyte C246 WU4 Xeon E-2278G RX 5500


Gigabyte C246 WU4 Hackintosh on OpenCore

macOS Versions

macOS Big Sur 11.0.1



What works

  • WIFI,Bluetooth,AirDrop, Handoff BCM94360CD Required
  • USB All USB3.1/USB2.0 Port
  • Audio Realtek ALC1220-VB, (layout id: 7)
  • Siri,iMessage,FaceTime Work fine
  • DRM Apple TV+/Safari Netflix(1080P)/Amazon Prime

Not works

  • NO

How to use

1.Download EFI

2.Look here

Device Lists

Device Model
MotherBoard Gigabyte C246 WU4
CPU Intel Xeon E-2278G
RAM Samsung 16GB DDR4 2666MHz ECC Memory Module * 4
Video Card Sapphire RX 5500XT 8GB
Sound Card Realtek ALC1220-VB (MotherBoard)
Network Interface Card PCI-E BCM94360CD (WI-FI + Bluetooth)
Optical Network Card Intel X520-DA2 2-Port 10GbE FCoE SFP+ NIC
Thunderbolt Card Gigabyte GC-TITAN-RIDGE
FireWire Expansion Card PCI 1394A+1394B FireWire 800
Hard Disk Hikvision C2000Pro 1TB NVMe SSD
Case Cooler Master S600

Software Version

Boot firmware

Boot Versions
OpenCore Latest release(0.6.3)


Kext Versions
Lilu Latest release(1.4.9)
FakeSMC,ACPISensors,CPUSensors,GPUSensors,LPCSensors Releases
AppleALC Latest release(1.5.4)
IntelMausi Latest release(1.0.4)
SmallTreeIntel8259x intel 82599ES Drive
USBInjectAll Version: 2018-1108
USBPower USB Powered (MacPro7,1)
CPUFriend Latest release(1.2.2)
CPUFriendDataProvider CPU Frequency Conversion
NVMeFix Latest release(1.0.4)


Drivers Versions
HfsPlus Latest release
OpenCanopy Latest release
OpenRuntime Latest release

Where you need to modify

  • Use Tools: Macserial

Gigabyte C246 WU4 Xeon E-2278G RX 5500

USB port customization (optional)

Gigabyte C246 WU4 Xeon E-2278G RX 5500 Gigabyte C246 WU4 Xeon E-2278G RX 5500

BIOS Settings

  • BIOS Version F5
Disabled Enabled
Fast Boot Above 4G
VT-d EHCI/XHCI Hand-off
CSM OS type: other types


10/11 2020

  • Delete WhateverGreen.kext
  • Add FakeSMC
  • Change SMBIOS to MacPro7,1
  • Update All Kext Latest Release
  • Update OC 0.6.3

23/10 2020

  • Add NVMeFix.kext

05/10 2020

  • Repair sleep
  • Update All Kext Version
  • Cange SMBIOS iMacPro1,1

03/10 2020

  • Update OpenCore Version 0.6.2

20/9 2020

  • Add 10GB SFP+ network card and driver

08/09 2020

  • Update macOS Version To Big Sur Beta6
  • Update OpenCore 0.6.1
  • Update Kext To Latest Version

06/08 2020

  • Update macOS Version 10.15.6
  • Update OpenCore 0.6.0
  • Update Lilu 1.4.6
  • Update VirtualSMC,SMCProcessor,SMCSuperIO 1.1.5
  • Update WhateverGreen 1.4.1
  • Update AppleALC 1.5.1
  • Update CPUFriend 1.2.1
  • Delete ApfsDriverLoader.efi

22/07 2020

  • replace CPU to Intel Xeon E-2278G

11/07 2020

  • delete SSDT-RTC-AWAC.aml,The SSDT is not needed, it will cause ACPI ERROR.

13/06 2020

  • Opencore version upgraded to 0.5.9
  • Kext all upgrade

07/06 2020

  • Initial release
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