Dell Precision 3240

Hackintosh for Dell Precision 3240 Compact

Also tested on Dell Precision 3440 Small Form Factor Workstation. Assuming it will work for Dell Precision 3640 Tower Workstation.



Component Tested
CPU Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 10×00 (10th Gen)
Chipset Intel W480
Graphics Intel UHD 630
Ethernet Intel I219-LM
Memory SK Hynix / G.SKILL / Crucial
NVMe XPG SX8200 / WD SN750 / Samsung 970 Evo Plus
Sound ALC3246 (ALC256)
Wireless BCM94360NG / BCM94360CS2


Component Version
Dell BIOS 1.2.0
macOS 10.15.7 – 11.1
SMBIOS iMac20,1
OpenCore 0.6.5
Lilu 1.5.0
VirtualSMC 1.1.9
WhateverGreen 1.4.6
IntelMausi 1.0.5
VoodooHDA 2.9.6


You need to use RU to change following offsets:

UEFI Variable Offset Value Comment
SaSetup 0xF5 0x2 DVMT: 64M
CpuSetup 0x3E 0x0 CFG Lock: OFF

And change following settings in BIOS:

Item Value
Intergrated NIC Enabled
SATA Operation AHCI
Primary Display Intel HD Graphics
TPM Disabled
Secure Boot Disabled
Intel SGX Disabled
VT for Direct I/O Disabled


  • 4K UHD @ 60Hz for both DisplayPort
  • All USB ports (2.0, 3.0 and Type C)
  • Sleep, wake up and power nap
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • AirPlay, Sidecar, Airdrop and Handoff
  • Internal SATA ports

Partial working

  • Audio

Not working

  • DRM

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