MSI Z490-A PRO (MS-7C75) i5-10600KF RX 5500 XT

MSI Z490-A PRO (MS-7C75) i5-10600KF RX 5500 XT



EFI(based on OpenCore without GUI) files for MSI Z490A-PRO(MS7C75). Intel UHD graphics is NOT tested.
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Before we start…

I am not responsible for your PC. For example, if your mishandling causes your PC to become a tree and not boot, you are responsible for it.

Some of my hardware

Hardware Detail
Motherboard MSI Z490-A PRO (MS-7C75)
CPU Intel i5-10600KF
Memory ADATA XPG-Z1 DDR4-3600 8G*2
Graphic GIGABYTE Radeon RX 5500 XT
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth BCM94360CD

Supported macOS versions

✔ 10.15 Catalina
✔ 11 Big Sur
✔ 12 Monterey
✔ 13 (Beta) Ventura Only in Pre-release now

OK, Let’s start. How to use it?

  • Download latest EFI files ( from Releases and unzip it. Please note that there may be Pre-release versions which can be unstable but includes new features.
    MSI Z490-A PRO (MS-7C75) i5-10600KF RX 5500 XT
  • Customize your USBPorts.kext. You can get the template from
    Just delete the unneeded ports according to the callout (JUSBx) next to the USB ports in use on the motherboard.
    Customization is finished when 15 ports remain. (JUSB3/4 need additional confirmation)
    MSI Z490-A PRO (MS-7C75) i5-10600KF RX 5500 XT
  • Replace your custom USBPorts.kext in ..OCKexts. Then put all files into ESP (EFI System Partition) and add Opencore.efi to the boot menu.
  • Check your BIOS settings. Here’s something you care:
    Based on 7C75v2D. Download BIOS from MSI.
    MSI Z490-A PRO (MS-7C75) i5-10600KF RX 5500 XT
    Enable VT-d
    Enable Resizable BAR
    Disable CFG Lock
  • Enjoy!
    MSI Z490-A PRO (MS-7C75) i5-10600KF RX 5500 XT
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