ASRock Z490M ITX/ac

ASRock Z490M-ITX/ac

What Works:

  • Metal
  • Apple Store
  • Ethernet (intel 1219v)
  • Sleep/Wake
  • Sound – Headphones (front), Internal Speaker (rear), Microphone (rear) (via FakePCIID patch kext).
  • CPU/GPU identified correctly in System Properties


  • Bluetooth – (from stock intel ax200 m.2) 21-jul-2020 now uisng OpenIntelWireless for the bluetooth much more stable

What doesn’t yet

  • Ethernet (2.5Gb)

-21-jul-2020 – now using OpenCanopy -21-jul-2020 – cleaned up kexts, the unused ones now removed -21-jul-2020 – redid the portmapping through hackintool (kext is now USBPorts.kext)


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