Thinkpad L13

Thinkpad L13 Yoga Hackintosh

Running macOS Big Sur on a i7-10510U Thinkpad L13 (Yoga)

This repository is now deprecated, just use seven-of-elevens’ awesome and really in-depth guide here

Current Status:

✅ GPU-Acceleration

✅ Touchpad

✅ Trackpoint (Middle-click to scroll does not work)

✅ Keyboard

✅ WiFi (WPA2-Enterprise does not)

✅ Display-Brightness

❌ Touchscreen

❌ Hibernation

❓ HDMI output (Did not try)

✅ Bluetooth

✅ USB-C (Kinda, my USB-C monitor works for video and charging, but it’s integrated usb-hub doesn’t)

❌ Webcam

❌ Audio (Bluetooth audio works, the integrated speaker and micorophone don’t)

❌ iCloud (App Store works, iCloud does not)

❌ Fingerprint Reader

❌ Battery Status

❌ SD-Card reader

❓ Smart card reader

It seems like OC 0.6.7 fixed the booting issues on 10th gen Thinkpads.

Thanks go out to Xhichn, who pointed me to daliansky’s XiaoXinPro-Project on which this repo is heavily based on.


  • Writing more documentation 🙂
  • fixing stuff (duh)