Dell XPS 9350

Dell XPS 9350


macOS on Dell XPS 9350

OpenCore EFI folder for Dell XPS 9350 laptop.

Current bootloader version OpenCore 0.6.4 Release

Tested on Dell XPS 9350

  • 3K touch display
  • i7-6560U / Intel Iris HD 540
  • 8GB RAM
  • Sabrent M.2 Drive (replaced Samsung PM951 due to lack of power management)
  • DW1820A && DW1560 wireless card
  • macOS Big Sur 11.1

What does work

  • CPU/NVME Power Management
    • On idle, the CPU will run at 0.4GHz
  • Audio
  • Sleep
  • Hibernation
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • I2C trackpad (with multitouch gesture support)
  • I2C touchscreen (with multitouch gesture support)
  • Brightness control using keys
  • IGPU with Hardware Acceleration
  • SideCar
  • Boot Chime

What does not work

  • SD card reader (disable it on BIOS to save energy)
  • USB-C hot-plug Unplugging an USB-C device when macOS is running may cause Kernel Panics when sleeping
  • Camera does not work in Big Sur. The image will stop working in ~30 seconds, then it will turn black until the next wake. It used to work in macOS Catalina.
  • DRM (broken in IGPU-only laptops)

Current issues

  • Power management on WiFI card DW1820A (will cause an extra 0.7-1.2W power consumption)
  • OpenCanopy menu won’t launch pressing ALT key (if ShowPicker is enabled, it will work)
  • Audio may stop working randomly. When this happens, use the microphone in any app and the speaker will work again
  • macOS will not auto-hibernate on low battery. You should shutdown the computer manually.


Format the disk using 4K sector size Use the followig guide. Make sure you have a compatible drive.

If you have issues with Alt/Windows swapped keys, enable SSDT-PS2K.aml under config.plist > ACPI > Add

How to install

Clone this repository and copy the EFI folder inside your EFI partition. You will need to use GenSMBIOS to generate serial and UUID. You should use MacBookPro13,1 as SMBIOS.

Once macOS is installed, install ComboJack (only the script, the kext is present inside the EFI folder) to get headphone port working.

To get OpenCanopy and Boot Chime working, download the Resources folder from here