Asus Prime H470m-Plus

[SUCESS] Hackintosh H470M Plus w/ Intel i3 10100 Hackintosh Success MacOS Big Sur


  • CPU: Intel i3 10100
  • motherboard: Asus Prime H470m-Plus
  • RAM: 2 (1 pair) ddr4 T-Force Vulcan 32GB
  • SSD: M.2 970 EVO 500GB

What’s working:

  • ALC audio
  • uhd630 onboard graphics
  • shut down/sleep
  • two monitors(configured using Hackintool, must manually assign DPs and HDMIs)
  • Bluetooth(bought a third-party Bluetooth USB drive)
  • FaceTime, Imessage*
  • All USB ports

What’s not working(as smoothly):

  • does take a while for hackintosh to detect second monitor. Try turning the second monitor on after logging in

*to make this work, insert your own SystemSerialNumber, SystemUUID, and MLB in the config.plist