Dell Vostro 3468

Dell Vostro 3468


macOS Catalina/Big Sur on Dell Vostro 3000 series using OpenCore

Laptop Specs

Feature Specification
Model Dell Vostro 3468
Processor type Intel Core i5 7200U
VGA Intel HD Graphics 620
Controller Realtek ALC3246/256 (layout-id: 11)


You must add your own serialnumber. I recommend GenSMBIOS. Remember to use MacBookPro14,1.

Use this a a starting point, this is no replacement of your own research, trial and error.

What is working

Completely supported


XCPM power management is native supported. HWP is fully enabled as well.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

This laptop comes with an Intel WiFi + Bluetooth combo so, I replaced mine with BCM94352Z (DM1560). Airport, Handoff are working correctly.


Camera is functioning normally.


USB ports are working as expected.

Use USBInject-All.kext then with Hackintool disable all unused ports and generate a USBPorts.kext


Functioning normally.


Working fine with hardware acceleration.


Detected and correct values.


Fan Speed, CPU temp and voltage.

Partially working

Audio and microphone works, but headphone jack requires a workaround.

Driven by AppleALC with layout-id: 11. Working fine but headphone jack requires a workaround and is not detected by default (HDMI Audio output has not been tested).

Built-in mic is working


Fn Keys not working. Also strange behavior sometimes after waking up, see Sleep.


Functioning with multigestures, but sometimes “teleports” doing certain gestures.

Headphone jack

Requires a workaround and is not detected.

Sleep and Wake

Working but sometimes weird behavior ensues. Example, if a key if pressed when waking up, the keyboard will stop working correctly, and the key pressed will repeat indefinitely in the password field, and touchpad stops working.

Not working


Internal SD card Reader

Not tested

HDMI output

Additional info, quirks, findings, etc

Remove kexts asociated with BCM94352Z(DW1560) if you do not have installed one.

CtlnaAHCIPort is absolutely necesary to Big Sur. Using MinKernel this kext only loads in BirSur

AirPortBrcm4360 only loads in Catalina (using MaxKernel = 19.9.9). This kext makes Big Sur unable to boot.



Added and updated a ton of kexts.

Updated to OpenCore 0.6.7

Big Sur now working (yay)!

Audio now works via DeviceProperties -> Add -> PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1F,0x3)-> layout-id = 11


Removed: XHCI-unsupported.kextbecause is not needed

Added: SMCDellSensors.kextSMCProcessor.kextSMCSuperIO.kextfor CPU and fan sensor support

Fixed: Wrong iGPU in DeviceProperties

Updated: Sleep and Wake findings


First release