壹号本 OneMix3 Pro

壹号本 OneMix3 Pro

其他笔记本 2021-02-03


Install macOS on your 10th gen OneMix 3 minibooks.


  • OneMix 3 Pro Koi/ Platinum/ Black with i7 10510Y: The main model this configuration was developed with and for.
  • OneMix 3 Pro Black with i5 10210Y: Compatible in theory. Not tested.
  • OneMix 3s Black/ Platinum/ Pink with i3 10110Y Compatible in theory. Not tested.

Post-installation tweaks

A few required or otherwise useful steps to take on a running macOS system on your OneMix:

Using your own serial number

Just generate a new set with OpenCore Configurator and you’re good to go

Changing the display orientation

To correct the display orientation within macOS, press and hold down cmd+opt (Windows+alt) and open System Preferences. Keep holding down those two buttons and click on Displays. The screen orientation option will now appear even for the built-in display. Set it to 90 degrees for the correct orientation. Alternatively…just download the Display Rotation Menu app and set the view to portrait flipped

Disabling Power-related Settings

In order to achieve a stable sleep, you’re responsible of disabling the following:

  • Power Nap (if available)
  • Wake for Internet Access
  • tcpkeepalive (hint: sudo pmset -a tcpkeepalive 0)

Switching cmd and opt

In keyboard settings, select the modifier keys option, and switch cmd (win) with opt (alt)

Brightness Control

Use Brightness Slider from App Store. Partially works but it’s inverted. Alternatively check out the BrightnessX app and use F1/ F2 to increase/ lower the brightness. Unfortunately native brightness control isn’t supported at this moment, interested developers might want to take a look at the DSDT and PNLF.

What works

  • Full hardware acceleration, faked UHD617 Amber Lake-Y
  • Audio
  • Battery reading and charging recognition
  • USB-A port as-well as the USB-C port
  • CPU Temperature and voltage/wattage reading
  • Internal Wi-Fi via OpenIntelWireless (Big Sur Support)
  • Bluetooth via OpenIntelWireless
  • Sleep
  • Touchscreen

What’s untested

  • Hibernation
  • HDMI output

What’s not yet working

  • Microphone

What will never* work

  • Intel SD Card Reader
  • Bosch Accelerometer
  • Focaltech Fingerprint

* Not unless someone decides to make custom kexts for these, of course.